Ilyas Gulet Turizm        Blaue Reise - Blue Cruise - Mavi Yolculuk

                              Discover the sea with friends

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"One does not travel in order to arrive, but for the sake of travel itself" J.W.von Goethe (1749-1832)

Our very customizable cruise in intimate, relaxed atmosphere on our “Gulet Elpis”, a typical wooden motorized sailboat , is a cruise for the aficionado.

Picturesque bays, the ocean in all its hues of blue, waves gently hitting the bow of the ship, the historical archeological sites of Lycia, sunken antique ruins, and pristine fishing villages remote from mass tourism.
The fresh Mediterranean cuisine in all its variety, swimming, paddling, and snorkeling in lonely bays, time and tranquility to read or relax, celebrate with friends and have deep conversations. Enjoy the “blue hour” with a chilled beverage and conclude a perfect day with a mild summer night on deck beneath thousands of stars.

This one of a kind combination of the Mediterranean Sea, sun, culture and relaxation coupled with personal expert guidance of our Captain Ilyas and his crew make for a perfect rejuvenation of body and soul…